Racing schedule 2022

At the end of 2020, after spending almost a full year locked at home, I decided to resume a plan I had had in my mind since 2017, namely to start competing in Classe Mini. Along the way I was fortunate to meet some incredible people who really helped me get this going. I would not start this campaign if it were not for Victor Mathieu who advised me patiently from the beginning, helped me get my mini (my beautiful Cirrus Minor, a Nacira 6,50 no. 832), introduced me to the world of double-handed mini racing (and we had great fun and quite a few adventures during the two stages of MiniCalvados), helped me launch my mini in Concarneau and coached me on how to be independent and self-sufficient on a mini. 

But the real adventure is just starting. I am proud to be part of the Mini Training Center in Concarneau (CEMC), a group of very enthusiastic ocean racers from whom I will have lots of things to learn over the next two years. Being the only Romanian skipper currently racing in Classe Mini, I am also trying to document and present what a mini project entails and how anyone interested in pursuing this sport can actually do it. 

For this first Mini season, I decided to compete in the following races:

I have also registered for Duo Concarneau, which takes place in September, but the demand was so high, that I am on the waiting list on the 25th place! 🙂 So, we’ll see if I manage to be at the start of my 6th Mini race. I would really want to be there since it is the only race in the mini circuit organised in Concarneau, which is my home base.

All the races are C level, which means they are only 250-300 miles long. The expected duration of the races is anywhere between 1,5 and 3 days, depending on the wetaher conditions and the boat type (the protos will obvsiouly finish sooner, ahead of the series boats). Plastimo-Lorient, Mini Calvados 1 & 2 and Duo Concarneau (not yet on the list :() are double-handed races, whereas Trophee Map and Mini Calvados 3 are single-handed races.

For the Plastimo-Lorient mini race I will be partnering with Nicolas Cousi who just crossed the Atlantic on his mini no 533 in the 2021 edition of the Mini Transat. If you click on the link under his name you’ll find a great short movie about his Mini Transat. I am really looking forward to racing with him and learning from his experiences in 2 weeks!

But before I can show up in Lorient with my boat, I must first pass a World Sailing sea survival and first aid course that I am taking at CEPIM in La Trinite sur Mer, followed by a one-week training in Concarneau with Francois Jambou and some of the other CEMC skippers.

Thus stay tuned for many mini stories in the following weeks 🙂

Mini Pontoon in Concarneau, seen from the top of Cirrus Minor’s mast

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