Plastimo-Lorient Race: D-15

The long anticipated moment has finally arrived – the day I “set sail” for my first mini race! I haven’t gotten to the boat yet, but I landed safely in La Trinite sur Mer for the first milestone of my campaign – attending, and hopefully passing, the 3 day course on sea survival and first aid. I said hopefully passing because I will be facing my first test in Frendh since high-school 😦 And it’s not even multiple-questions, but plain writing… In all honesty I asked the organisers, CEPIM, if I would be allowed to use Google Translate during the final examination, possibly a dumb question to which I haven’t received an answer yet.

I will be able to shed more light on this particular topic in the following days. Until then I will share a few pictures taken on the road, since the weather was incredibly nice all the way from Bucharest to the Atlantic Ocean. Shortly after taking off, I had an amazing view of the Carpathians, from the Bucegi to the Fagaras Mountains.

Once I checked-in at the hotel in St. Philibert, outside La Trinite, I went exploring, or better put, foraging, trying desperately to find an open place where I could get something to eat. The little Breton village is charming, but utterly desolate. I followed Google to a local creperie, dreaming of getting a Breton galette, only to find it closed. It looked like it hadn’t been active since the pandemic started, but on Google it appeared to be open until 22:00 😦 I had to walk two kilometers more to finally find a restaurant still in business… but on the way I had a first glimpse of the Atlantic and some really nice views of La Trinite from the other side of the bay.

The trip was well worth it! And the steak great 🙂

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