This section contains a list of all the the sailing literature that I devoured in the past few years. Since I haven’t visited it in almost two years, I decided to revamp it. All boks will be classified in pre-defined categories  such as Racing, Offshore and Singlehanded Sailing, Cruising, Sailing History and Boat Maintenance and Preparation, at least at the beginning. I hope you will enjoy (some of) them as much as I did.

Racing Literature:

Race France to France: Leave Antarctica to Starboard: An American in the Vendée Globe, Racing Solo, Non-Stop, Around the World, by Rich Wilson

Taking on the World, by Ellen MacArthur

Close to the Wind: An Extraordinary Story of Triumph Over Adversity, by Pete Goss

Chasing the Long Rainbow: The Drama of a Singlehanded Sailing Race Around the World, by Hal Roth

Eric Tabarly: Memories of the Open Sea, by Eric Tabarly

A Voyage For Madmen, by Peter Nichols

A World of My Own: The First Ever Non-stop Solo Round the World Voyage, by Robin Knox-Johnston

The Long Wayby Bernard Moitessier

Gypsy Moth Circles The World, by Francis Chichester


Offshore and Singlehanded Sailing:

Ice Bird: The Classic Story of the First Single-Handed Voyage to Antarctica: The Classic Story of the First Single-Handed Vogage to Antarctica, by David Lewis

Singlehanded Sailing: Thoughts, Tips, Techniques & Tactics, by Andrew Evans

Trekka Round the World, by John Guzzwell

Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing, Sixth Edition, by Peter Bruce

STORM PASSAGE: Alone Around Cape Horn, by Webb Chiles

The Open Boat: Across the Pacific, by Webb Chiles

The Ocean Waits, by Webb Chiles

Voyages of a Simple Sailor, by Roger D. Taylor

Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing, by Roger D. Taylor

Bumfuzzle – Just Out Looking For Pirates, by Patrick Schulte

Across Islands and Oceans, by James Baldwin

Maiden Voyage, by Tania Aebi

Cape Horn: The Logical Route: 14,216 Miles Without a Port of Call, by Bernard Moitessier

Once is Enough, by Miles Smeeton

The Last Man Across the Atlantic, by Paul Heiney

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky: Solo into the Unknown, by Crispin Latymer

Just Sea and Sky: England to New Zealand the Hard Way, by Ben Pester


Cruising Literature:

A Passion for the Sea, by Jimmy Cornell

Cruising in Seraffyn, by Lin Pardey and Larry Pardey

Seraffyn’s European Adventure, by Lin Pardey and Larry Pardey


Sailing History:

Over the Edge of the World, by Laurence Bergreen

Sir Francis Drake, by John Sugden

Sailing Alone Around the World, by Joshua Slocum

Around the World Single-handed: The Cruise of the “Islander”, by Harry Pidgeon


Boat Maintenance and Preparation:

Inspecting the Aging Sailboat, by Don Casey


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