The start of my Mini campaign

My long awaited Mini campaign starts in just a few days! Many sailing related events have taken place since I last wrote on this blog. For a long time I neglected it because I have always found it easier to quickly share something on Facebook. I even created a dedicated Facebook page for my Mini Transat campaign (Bogdan Grigorescu Mini Transat 2023), only to discover recently that my Facebook account was hacked and then disabled 😦 Despite all my attempts to bring my account back to life, Facebook seems very slow to respond and set things right. Therefore I needed another medium to keep my family and friends up-to-date with my sailing activities in France and decided to revamp my dusty blog.

With this update you will discover a few new sections:

And as a teaser for what will follow, I included below a couple of short clips from my first training sessions with Victor Mathieu in Concarneau in October 2021.

Crossing paths with one of the latest generation Imoca boats 🙂
Sailing alongside a Maxi 6.50, one of the fastest Series minis.

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