Black Sea Sailing Ep .2 – better later than never :)

In a previous post (Gorgeous September Sailing 🙂) I promised to share the short movie that Robert filmed with his drone during our wonderful sailing episode back in September. As it happens most of the times, it took me an awfully loooong time to get the footage from Robert, select a few shots and combine them with some other clips shot on the boat to produce a short movie. The end result resides below: Alas, the summer season is finally here and I am eagerly waiting for the first longer sailing trips to Mangalia, Sulina, Balchik and finally Istanbul :)….

Gorgeous September sailing :)

Last Thursday we were blessed with a wonderful early autumn day with gentle, almost non-existent waves, and light winds. It was not a great day for racing, but such a spectacular day for cruising and basking in the sun. And for filming Mem Pas Peur and its crew from the sky, thanks to Robert’s great skills of piloting a serious drone 🙂 Before we get the chance to see Robert’s latest production (by the way, all his short movies shot with his DJI Phantom 2 drone can be enjoyed here), let’s take a look at some of the moments that…