Black Sea Sailing Ep .2 – better later than never :)

In a previous post (Gorgeous September Sailing 🙂) I promised to share the short movie that Robert filmed with his drone during our wonderful sailing episode back in September. As it happens most of the times, it took me an awfully loooong time to get the footage from Robert, select a few shots and combine them with some other clips shot on the boat to produce a short movie. The end result resides below: Alas, the summer season is finally here and I am eagerly waiting for the first longer sailing trips to Mangalia, Sulina, Balchik and finally Istanbul :)….

Reminiscing about the “good old days”… and dreaming of the next!

In a previous post (About Odyssea) I presented briefly my first skipper training trip that I undertook with 3 goods friends last year. While editing my first sailing movie clip (check here :)) I came across some footage that I recorded with my iPhone and iPad during this trip. With my newly acquired iMovie skills, I decided to put together a short clip that reveals two equally beautiful sides of the Aegean – stormy weather with clear skies and peaceful sunsets. I thank Ioana, Ionut and Barni for an awesome trip! And just as I finished uploading the movie on Youtube,…