About Me

This website / blog is dedicated to my greatest hobby, PHOTOGRAPHY … at some point in my life I reflected whether to pursue it professionally… but I ended up choosing an IT career, where nonetheless photography has remained close to my heart.

As an undergraduate student at Harvard University I studied fine art photography under the guidance of professor Chris Killip, head of the photography department within VES (Visual and Environmental Studies Dept). Given my academic interest in social studies (majoring in Archaeology and Anthropology) I am particularly drawn towards social documentary photography, with an emphasis on street photography and portraiture. This particular trend is also is reflected in most of the portfolio galleries featured on this site.

During my formative years I was greatly influenced by the work of reputed photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Josef Koudelka, Paul Strand, Edward Weston or Diane Arbus (to name only a few).

Other personal resources:

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